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Indoor and Outdoor

Do you need to support your in-the-field teams or manage a remote workforce who are using multiple devices? Doing business today means being able to connect to your network anytime and anywhere, enabling your employees to work off-site. No matter the number of locations or workstations you have, our experienced wireless engineers have the on-site and remote Wi-Fi solutions to keep your business running efficiently. We use Cisco Meraki, Cambium, TP-Link and Mikrotik, (our custom, field-proven Wi-Fi solution) to create robust indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions tailored to meet your needs. As your technology partner, we are always focused on making sure your networks are secure. Every Wi-Fi system we design has a built-in backup, redundancy, and security. Our networks are highly efficient and state-of-the-art to ensure you have the access and connectivity to run your business. We can design, build, service, and maintain indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi systems.

Indoor Wi-Fi Networks

•Design and implementation
•Stand-alone (autonomous) and controller-based solutions
•Guest access
•Hotspot portal
•QoS voice optimization
•VLAN and IP engineering

Outdoor Fixed Wireless Networks

• design and implementation
• point-to-point
• point-to-multipoint
• backhaul
• remote infrastructure (using trailers and solar panels)
• vehicle-mounted solutions
• vendor / technology selection

IEC adheres to a design method we call P-D-I-M

• Planning
• Design
• Implementations
• Maintenance and Management

Wireless Solution

Aim to solve user’s problems like small signal coverage, weak signal, network instability, hard networking and so on, wireless solution of Cisco Meraki, Cambium, Mikrotik,
TP-Link provides a set of wireless networking products with cloud management, high reliability and wide coverage for customers.

Wireless solution is shown as following figure 1:

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